What Will WINNER Do Should They Win No. 1 With “Sentimental”?

2016-02-18 04:59:44 2016-02-18 04:59:44

The boys of WINNER have made a sweet promise, should they earn the No. 1 spot on a music show!

On the February 17 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Tei’s Dream Radio,” WINNER pledged to hold a guerilla concert in Seoul’s popular Hongdae neighborhood if they win No. 1 with their song “Sentimental.” To sweeten the deal, they promised to throw the gig without having any managers present, and that they will do it bare-faced.

At their pledge, WINNER’s managers couldn’t hide their embarrassment. The boys also discussed their individual ideal types on the show, while member Taehyun mentioned that he’d like to try hosting a radio show someday.

Hopefully WINNER can keep their promise to their fans!

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