Jo Jung Suk Shows Off His Chic and Dandy Charms for Elle

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Jo Jung Suk, who will star in the upcoming musical, “Hedwig: New Makeup,” shows many different sides of himself in his latest photo shoot with Elle.

He shows off a completely different image to the one he showed recently in tvN‘s “Youth Over Flowers: Iceland,” showing off his dandy yet chic side. He is especially able to portray a variety of expressions, easily changing from a melancholic gaze to a witty expression.

During his interview, he talks about his recent trip to Iceland, and how “it was a really good vacation to the point that I think about my memories from Iceland every day. It’s only a hobby, but I really like to play guitar, so I think if I ever go to Iceland again, it might be a music trip.”

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Jo Jung Suk also shows his affection for the production “Hedwig,” and explains, “This will be the fourth time I am standing on stage as Hedwig, since the first time I played Hedwig back in 2006. Every time, it’s a difficult homework I must solve, but there’s a joy that comes with figuring it out and putting on a production that is close to being the answer. If they ask me to play Hedwig even when I’m in my 40s, I’d do it.”

When asked how he feels about being on stage again after a long time, he replies, “Different from acting in dramas or movies, a stage actor is able to interact with his audience directly and sympathize with them. ‘Hedwig’ is a production where this is maximized, so I want to play around with it to the best of my ability.” His fervent reply increases people’s excitement for the upcoming musical.

“Hedwig” will run from March 1 to May 29, at Hongik Daehangno Art Center. Fitting the name, “Hedwig: New Makeup,” it will feature an evolved production, with a more alive stage, stronger music, and more dramatic costumes and makeup.

You can find the rest of Jo Jung Suk’s photo shoot and interview in the March edition of Elle.

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