Uee Opens Up About Transforming Into a Mother for “Marriage Contract”

2016-02-19 00:49:25 2016-02-19 00:49:25

Last month, MBC‘s “Marriage Contract” held its first script reading. On February 19, MBC released the first stills of Uee from the drama along with a short interview with her on set.

Marriage Contract” will be Uee’s first 2016 drama project since her last one with SBS‘s “High Society.” Uee plays a single mom named Kang Hye Soo who lost her husband in an accident and also ends up assuming his debt. Despite the daily hardships she goes through, Hye Soo is a positive character who fights through these struggles for her young daughter.

In regards to her new role, Uee commented, “Hye Soo is a single mom who is determined to get past her daily hardships for her daughter Eun Sung. I was worried the most about the fact that this would be my first time being someone’s mother and it was a part that was awkward for me. That’s why I had many conversations with director Kim Jin Min and received advice. He created a natural atmosphere on set in order to remain completely true to feelings, and I was able to film comfortably due to his clear directions when drawing out these feelings.”

Uee further continued, “Although Hye Soo is normally soft and delicate, there are times when she flares up in order to protect her daughter. I think there’s a different person inside of me that appears when I need to protect someone I love. The more I become immersed in the role of Kang Hye Soo, the more I feel that her character and the real me are becoming similar.”

She then commented on her chemistry with child actress, Shin Rina, who plays her daughter Eun Sung in the drama. She said, “I worried a lot because this is my first time working with a child-actress and Eun Sung is a character that I need to act with from beginning to end. I was especially more careful because she is a girl. We are now very close as we spent time getting to know each other. There was a scene where I was crying and she first came to me to wipe my tears. After that, we became a lot closer. We contact each other even when there is no filming.”

The actress then concluded her interview saying, “I am working hard to film a beautiful drama that warms your heart, so please give lots of love and interest.”

“Marriage Contract” is a melodrama that searches for the meaning of true love through a dramatic meeting between a man (played by Lee Seo Jin) who only values money and a desperate woman (played by Uee) who figuratively stands on the edge of a cliff. The first broadcast will be on March 5 at 10 p.m. KST.

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