Ji Suk Jin Claims He Greatly Resembled Yoo Ah In During His Youth

2016-02-20 09:54:56 2016-02-20 09:54:56

On the February 20 episode of “Infinite Challenge,” Ji Suk Jin says that he once resembled actor Yoo Ah In.

During the episode, host Yoo Jae Suk asks the guests to compare themselves to one actor, between Yoo Ah In and Kim Soo Hyun. While Defconn compares himself to Kim Soo Hyun, citing their similar profiles, Ji Suk Jin chooses Yoo Ah In.

defconn kim soo hyun

“During my school days, I really resembled Yoo Ah In,” Ji Suk Jin explains. “If you look at a photo of my younger self, the similarity is striking. I was really popular.” He even provides a picture of his younger self to prove the comparison.

ji suk jin yoo ah in

What do you think? Is Ji Suk Jin bluffing or did he really resemble Yoo Ah In when he was younger?

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