Lee Ji Ah Confesses That She Has a Clumsy Personality

2016-02-20 18:15:23 2016-02-20 18:15:23
lee ji ah

On February 20, Lee Ji Ah and Oh Jong Hyuk made an appearance on SBS‘s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

During the broadcast, actor Oh Jong Hyuk discussed what he thought about Lee Ji Ah’s personality. He said, “I thought she would be a calm and relaxed person, but when I met her on set, she was even calmer than I had thought.” He went on to explain that she was very quiet and didn’t talk much, but Lee Ji Ah interjected, “I think I was like that because the filming was difficult.”

Lee Ji Ah then revealed, “I have a clumsy and forgetful personality. Before I came here today I went to go retrieve my laptop. I went to go withdraw money from the bank this morning but I left my laptop there. Thankfully, there was a security camera, and I was able to get my laptop. But I am really clumsy.” She then further added, “There was a time when I lost my wallet. I always spill food on myself and it’s strange when I don’t.”

Lee Ji Ah and Oh Jong Hyuk are co-stars for the upcoming movie, “Musudan,” along with actors Kim Min Joon, Do Ji Han, Kim Dong Young, and Park Yoo Hwan. The movie premieres in Korea on March 3; you can watch the trailer below!

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