Oh Min Seok Doesn’t Hear Kang Ye Won’s Love Confession on “We Got Married”

2016-02-20 18:06:03 2016-02-20 18:06:03

On the February 20 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” actors Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won enjoy an ATV ride.

kang ye won-oh min seok

While riding her ATV, Kang Ye Won shouts, “Husband, I love you!” to Oh Min Seok. But Oh Min Seok completely misses it and mumbles to himself, saying, “Ugh, it’s so cold.”

Later, Oh Min Seok says, “I couldn’t hear her because of the ATV noise.” Kang Ye Won was disappointed but also understood the situation, saying, “The ATV must’ve been too loud. I didn’t think saying it in English was strong enough, so I said ‘I love you’ in Korean. But he couldn’t hear me. So I kept repeating myself. I usually have a hard time saying lovey-dovey things directly to a person…”

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