Watch: iKON’s Bobby and Kwanghee Are in Perfect Sync in Charades Game

2016-02-20 13:37:43 2016-02-20 13:37:43

On the February 20 episode of “Infinite Challenge,” the members and their partners have to play a charades game using only their face. This often results in strange faces that are designed to make the player “uglier.”

Haha and his partner Kim Hee Won choose the category “body parts.” Although Kim Hee Won is an actor, the quiz proves difficult and the pair only get one answer in the given time frame. Kwanghee and his partner, iKON’s Bobby, take the stage next and surprise everyone else by getting five answers in a row.

They choose the “objects” category and Bobby proves to be excellent at acting with his face, expressing everything from lipstick to mobile phone without using hand gestures or words.

Watch the clip below!

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