Cao Lu Confidently Identifies Herself as a “Visual” in FIESTAR

2016-02-21 22:19:33 2016-02-21 22:19:33

On the February 21 broadcast of MBC‘s “King of Masked Singers,” “Please Watch Out For Colds Match Girl” and “Greasy Butterfly” faced off in their first round of competition. They both sang Panic‘s “Slug.” “Match Girl” displayed her soulful charm through her unique husky voice while “Butterfly” showed off his smooth tone.

After the end of the first round, FIESTAR‘s Cao Lu commented, supporting Shin Bong Sun’s speculation that “Match Girl” is singer and rapper Yoon Mi Rae, “Match Girl’s Korean pronunciation is very bad. She can’t make the ‘lee-eul’ pronunciation very well.” Cao Lu proceeded in demonstrating the pronunciation by speaking the lyrics at which point fellow panelist Kim Gu Ra asked, “Cao Lu, you’re a singer. How come you don’t sing?” He found it odd that she just didn’t sing the lyrics instead of speaking it. Cao Lu then coolly responded, “I can’t sing. I am in charge of visuals.” Kim Gu Ra then further teased, “Are you completely and strictly visual?” Cao Lu then agreed enthusiastically saying, “I am completely visual.”

cao lu 2

Watch the first round performance between “Match Girl” and “Butterfly” on “King of Masked Singers” below!

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