Ji Sung Reveals What Was Really Going on for Him When He Won the Grand Prize for “Kill Me, Heal Me”

2016-02-21 19:42:35 2016-02-21 19:42:35

On the episode of MBC’s “Section TV” aired on February 21, Ji Sung is interviewed. During the conversation, Ji Sung reveals the back story behind the grand (daesang) award he received for “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

“I was actually very sick at the time,” he says. “I couldn’t even go to the after party.”

“Once I got home, I immediately rested,” he adds. “After I finally got better four days letter, I looked at the trophy and thought, ‘Oh, I received the grand award four days ago.’ I honestly don’t remember much.”

“When they called my name, I was very grateful and thought, ‘Things like this can actually happen to me too,’” he said.


Meanwhile, when asked what his most memorable moment is, he answered, “When my daughter was born,” rather than the expected answer of when he received his grand award.

“If I answered the grand award, my wife would not let me in anymore,” he says.

Watch his interview in the video below!

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