Pukyong National University Casts 2EYES By Mistake Instead of TWICE

2016-02-21 15:37:23 2016-02-21 15:37:23

As the latest batch of freshly graduated high school seniors prepare to enter their first semester of college, one group of students has been sorely disappointed by a mistake on the part of their student council.

The event in question took place at Pukyong National University, where the student council was preparing an entrance ceremony for the new students. When the student body present tried to cast a celebrity group to liven up the event, an embarrassing mistake occurred.

Sources vary on whether the student council had intended to cast TWICE and mistakenly cast 2EYES instead (the two spellings are very similar in Korean), or whether they had intended to cast 2EYES from the start and mistakenly billed the singers as TWICE. In any case, the student body president issued an apology to the Busan-based university’s students for the error.

TWICE debuted as a nine-member group in 2015 with the song “Like OOH-AHH,” while the four-member group 2EYES debuted in 2013 with the song “Don’t Mess With Me.”

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