VIXX’s Ken Treats Fans to a Drawing Lesson

2016-02-21 18:01:22 2016-02-21 18:01:22

On February 21, VIXX member Ken hosted “Ken’s Drawing School 101” on V app during which he treated fans to a drawing lesson.

During the broadcast, Ken shares easy drawing trips. He shows fans step-by-step how to draw cute characters like Minions, Larva, and Doraemon. He pauses here and there to answer questions and comments from fans tuned into the broadcast, and overall embodies excellent fan service.

He also show off other characters he has drawn in the past, including Sponge Bob and Kovixx as well as his depiction of Starlights in a character called “Starlight-rella.”

You can follow along through the video below.

What a cute event! Did you enjoy Ken’s drawing lesson?

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