BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Apologizes About Missing His Fan Meeting in Japan

2016-02-22 20:54:28 2016-02-22 20:54:28

On February 22, BEAST’s Yong Junhyung posted an apology on his Instagram account about missing his fan meeting event in Japan. He commented, “I’m resting and taking some medication. My throat is still swollen, but I’m doing much better, thanks to you all. I want to apologize for missing yesterday’s event in case anyone is upset about it.”

Yong Junhyung had missed a fan meeting event in Japan because of his poor health condition. He had returned to Korea by himself to take a break. However, he was seen joining singer Jung Joon Young’s birthday party when he should’ve been resting which caused a bit of a controversy. With his fellow BEAST member Jang Hyunseung currently in the midst of an “attitude problem” issue, Yong Junhyung took the initiative to explain himself and offer an apology to his fans.

Yong Junhyung offered an explanation saying, “It’s true that I did go to Joon Young’s birthday party. But as you know, I wasn’t feeling well. So I stopped by the party in the early morning hours to give him a gift and I went home. I take responsibility if this caused misunderstanding. I’ll be more considerate in the future and will work hard to repay my fans’ love for me. Please stay healthy, everyone. I apologize!”

Previously to this post, he had notified fans through his Instagram that he wouldn’t be able to attend because he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to spread his illness to his members and fans. He had apologized to fans who had braved the rain to come and promised to get well quickly.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Yong Junhyung did the right thing by addressing his fans?

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