“Glory Day” Teases at an Unknown, Catalytic Event in New Stills

2016-02-22 18:06:04 2016-02-22 18:41:02

The youth movie “Glory Day,” which tells the story about a day where time stops for four friends during their first trip, has released 12 stills.

glory day 2

The four friends’ excitement and fear from their first vacation together are captured in these 12 stills. Expectations for the movie are heightened at this sneak peek into the four main protagonists, and the different events that occur from morning to night to these four youths, who, during their first trip, encounter a situation overnight they never could have imagined.

Some stills show them running on the beach, and enjoying themselves freely while popping fireworks, not knowing what lies in store. However, on the other hand, other stills show them breathlessly running away, when faced with said situation they never imagined. The juxtaposition between the radiant beginning of the trip and the intense comparison leaves behind a heavy feeling.

glory day 3 glory day 5 glory day 4

Not just that, the stills also give a peek into the enthusiasm of the four trending actors of 2016. Reborn as new youths, Yong Bin (Ji Soo), who is staring off into space, the sincere and mature Sang Woo (EXO‘s Suho), Ji Gong (Ryu Jun Yeol), who’s playfully holding a puppy, and the timid Doo Man (Kim Hee Chan), who is in the midst of baseball training, show off their charms, raising expectations even further.

“Glory Day” will be released in South Korean theaters on March 24.

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