Lee Kwang Soo in Talks to Star in Sitcom Based on Webtoon “The Sound of Your Heart”

2016-02-22 23:10:30 2016-02-23 22:07:58

We may be seeing Lee Kwang Soo as a lead in a sitcom soon!

The sitcom is based on Korea’s longest running webtoon, “The Sound of Your Heart.” The webtoon began in September 2006, running now for almost ten years. Recently, the webtoon reached its 1000th chapter. Lee Kwang Soo is offered the role of the lead character Cho Seok, which is also the name of the author of the webtoon. If he takes the role, filming will start in March.

“The Sound of Your Heart” is said to be the perfect webtoon to be made into a sitcom, having elements seen in Korean variety shows and making Lee Kwang Soo the perfect choice with his experience in the SBS variety show “Running Man” and the MBC’s sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof.”

The sitcom format in Korea is different from the Western format, with “sitcom” usually referring to a daily (five days a week) 20-30 minute per episodic series with comedy mixed into the  storytelling. For this new sitcom, however, produced for the modern age, it will be first released in 10 episodes running 10 minutes each on Naver‘s online video platform TVCast and then aired on television network KBS.

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