Red Velvet Transforms Into Spring Fairies for InStyle

2016-02-22 15:27:32 2016-02-22 15:27:32

On February 22, photos from Red Velvet and makeup brand The Saem‘s collaboration beauty photo shoot with makeup and fashion magazine InStyle were released. 


The five members of Red Velvet show off their different charms in lovely and gorgeous photos that focus on the lips, while wearing The Saem’s Kissholic lipsticks. They captivate with their alluring gazes and skilled poses that are unlike those of a rookie’s, earning praises from the staff.

Reportedly, the male staff members especially all gathered to watch the group shots being taken, causing a little difficulty.


Red Velvet was most interested in the bold lipstick looks they usually don’t challenge. Irene shares her own know-how about lip makeup, saying, “The red color has an effect where it can make even a face with no makeup look beautiful.”

More photos of Red Velvet, as well as accompanying makeup tips, can be found in the March edition of InStyle.

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