SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Shows His Support for B.A.P

2016-02-22 18:58:22 2016-02-22 19:41:30

There is some love going on between SEVENTEEN and B.A.P.

On February 22, Youngjae of B.A.P uploaded to his Instagram a screen shot of a conversation with Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN.

On the screenshot, you can see Seungkwan texted Youngjae with a picture of him listening to the newly released B.A.P song, “Feel So Good,” with a message “Oh wow, B.A.P the king is back. Fighting, hyung! Haha” Youngjae replied saying, “Haha thanks.,” and on his Instagram post, Youngjae wrote, “Cute Seungkwan” with a thumbs-up.

It’s great to see idols encouraging each other like this!