Chanyeol Look-Alike on “The Return of Superman” Gains Attention

2016-02-23 08:20:40 2016-02-23 22:23:32

A doctor that featured briefly on the February 21 episode of the KBS variety show “The Return of Superman” has been drawing attention for his remarkable similarity with EXO member Chanyeol.

On this episode, actor Lee Beom Soo takes his son to the doctor to check on his ankle that he had hurt a few weeks earlier. The doctor appears briefly to check on his son and take his X-Ray and was only on the screen for about fifteen seconds. However, his appearance with Chanyeol was so similar that netizens are calling him “Chanyeol’s look-alike doctor,” with comments like “OMG, he is so good looking,” “Where is that hospital?,” and “I’m going to that hospital now,” flooding the online discussion boards.


EXO’s Chanyeol

Take a look for yourselves in the latest episode on Viki below!

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