Red Velvet Helps Celebrate W Korea’s 11th Anniversary

2016-02-23 22:23:54 2016-02-23 22:23:54

Red Velvet has gathered to commemorate W Korea’s special 11th anniversary edition.

In the pictorial for the fashion magazine, you can see the five members of Red Velvet give their best alluring gazes at the camera. Their natural hairstyles and mix-matched outfits show off a beauty that is romantic yet cute like the young girls they are.

Red Velvet1

A representative from the shoot said that despite the cold weather, the five members laughed and smiled throughout the entire shoot. They also filmed a congratulatory message for the magazine’s 11th anniversary.

Red Velvet

You can see the pictorial in the latest edition of W Korea that was released on February 20. The video is scheduled to be released through the official website on March 2.

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