Actress Ryu Hye Young Shows Off Her Goddess Hair for Marie Claire

2016-02-24 19:37:02 2016-02-24 19:37:02

On February 22, actress Ryu Hye Young released a pictorial she posed for Marie Claire magazine advertising hair products from Dove. She exudes an alluring beauty showing off different faces of an actress.

Ryu Hye Young-1

In the pictorial, she gently closes her eyes feeling the breeze with her hair flying away. She looks as though she’s in a dreamlike state displaying goddess-like aura.

Ryu Hye Young-2

She grabs viewers’ attention with her long silky hair and striking gaze. She looks confident and chic dressed in loosely fitted white shirts accentuating her voluminous and wavy hairstyle.

More of Ryu Hye Young’s pictorial can be seen in the March issue of Marie Claire.

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