“Produce 101” Contestant Hwang Inseon Receives Spotlight for Her Unique Experience

2016-02-24 18:35:26 2016-02-24 21:17:45

Hwang Inseon, one of the contestants of Mnet’s girl group project “Produce 101,” is gaining attention for her unique experience in the past. 

It looks like Hwang Inseon, fondly nicknamed “Auntie Hwang,” had made an appearance on SBSs dating show “Match” previously. An online post titled “Unique experience of Auntie Hwang of ‘Produce 101’” has been floating around in recent days. On the post, a photo of Hwang Inseon from the show “Match” was posted.

At the time of the show, she had said, “I’m getting a graduate degree in dance from Sungkyunkwan University and I’m working as a dancer.” She had exuded her charm with her easygoing personality.

Netizens expressed their disbelief at seeing her old photo and reading about her past experience.

Hwang Inseon has expressed her affection for the nickname “Auntie Hwang” she received from the fans of the show.

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