Wonder Girls’ Yoobin Earns Praise for Professionalism From SURE Editor

2016-02-24 10:54:13 2016-02-24 17:20:23

Wonder Girls member Yoobin recently posed for a stunning pictorial for SURE magazine!

In the photo spread, Yoobin shows off a confident expression, wearing sheer outfits in neutral colors. The editor for the photo spread, Kim Eun Jin, had nothing but praise for Yoobin, saying, “Yoobin did an outstanding job expressing confidence the look needed to be understood, even though it’s so far outside of her usual style of makeup.”

yoobin4 yoobin2

Kim Eun Jin continued, “It was cold the day we shot the pictures so we were worried, but Yoobin didn’t complain once despite being dressed in such thin clothing. I was awed by the professional dignity and humility she carried herself with that she’s gained from 10 years in a girl group.”

The pictorial will be featured in the March edition of SURE.


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