Actress Lee Si Young Becomes a Free Agent

2016-02-25 14:54:10 2016-02-25 14:54:10

On February 25, it was reported that actress and former amateur boxer Lee Si Young has parted ways with her agency, Hunus Entertainment.

The actress had signed an exclusive contract with Hunus Entertainment in January, but after mediating on her future entertainment activities, the agency and the actress decided to amicably part ways.

When the contract was signed, Hunus Entertainment had previously stated, “We will do our utmost to make sure that Lee Si Young can continue to work on good projects. We hope to be an agency that can support her steps in the acting industry and hope that it will work out to be a win-win situation.”

Hunus Entertainment was a drama production agency before expanding into management and currently has signed the actors Park Se Young and Jin Ye Sol, as well as singer Cho PD.

Lee Si Young debuted in 2008 in the drama “Urban Legends Deja Vu: Season 3” before moving on to projects such as “Boys Over Flowers” and “Golden Cross.”

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