Lovelyz Describe Their Ideal Romance in Geek Magazine Pictorial

2016-02-25 14:05:16 2016-02-25 14:05:16

Eight-member girl group Lovelyz recently shot a pictorial with men’s fashion magazine Geek, showing off their various charms for the magazine’s March issue.

The pictures released so far feature six of the girls dressed all in white, in keeping with their “innocent” image, looking both casual and stylish. Lovelyz released their first EP “Lovelys8” last year and won hearts with the cute title track “Ah-choo.”

lovelyz 2

The girl group is currently filming a reality program called “Lovelyz in Wonderland.” In the magazine interview, member Kei described her ideal type as, “Someone I can be comfortable with. Someone who is funny and can lead me well.”

“I just need someone kind,” Baby Soul added. The girls also shared their sweet dreams of the ideal White Day date. In Korea (as well as Japan and China), girls give chocolates to boys on Valentine’s Day, while boys return the favor on White Day (March 14).

“I want to go to a coffee shop together, eat cake, and walk down the street hand in hand,” Soojung said. “I want to see a movie together and have him walk me home,” Jin shared.

The full interview and pictorial can be found in Geek’s March issue and on their homepage.

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