Park Bo Gum Clears Up Casting Confusion Regarding SBS Drama Role Offer

2016-02-25 23:56:26 2016-02-25 23:56:26

Actor Park Bo Gum’s agency Blossom Entertainment clears up some casting confusion regarding an upcoming SBS drama. Recently, there have been many reports claiming that Park Bo Gum is pulling out of the drama.

On February 26, a representative from Blossom Entertainment commented, “SBS drama ‘Ddandara’ (working title) was just one of the dramas that were offered to Park Bo Gum. He never confirmed his appearance in the drama from the get-go, so to say that he pulled out is an inappropriate way to describe what happened.”

When Park Bo Gum was initially discussed as one of the lead actors for the new SBS drama “Ddandara,” his agency had previously announced that the drama was only one of the many roles he was offered.

It is said that Park Bo Gum recently met with over 100 media outlets to conduct interviews. He is currently being inundated with numerous scripts to review. He is expected to give serious consideration in regards to selecting his next project.

Park Bo Gum is currently appearing on tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers” in Africa.

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