Watch 2NE1’s CL Age Over 17 Years in 60 Seconds

2016-02-25 21:46:35 2016-02-25 21:46:35

On February 26, the birthday of 2NE1‘s fearless leader CL, Mnet‘s digital channel M2 released a cool video that chronologically compiles photos of the singer.

Channel M2 previously released a similar video of G-Dragon (see below), showing in just 60 seconds the BIGBANG member’s transformation since 1989, starting from when he was a toddler until the present.

CL’s video starts at 1998 and allows fans to see her maturation over the past 17 (till 2015) years in 60 seconds.

CL turns 26 years old (Korean age) today, and it goes without saying that at such a young age, she has accomplished quite a lot.

Join us in wishing her a happy birthday!