Jang Hyuk to Appear in First Chinese Drama in Six Years

2016-02-26 11:39:34 2016-02-26 11:39:34

Actor Jang Hyuk will be returning to the world of Chinese dramas after a six-year hiatus from the scene. His last Chinese drama was 2010’s “All About Eve,” a remake of the South Korean drama of the same name.

Although Jang Hyuk is a South Korean actor, having appeared in domestic dramas such as “Tree With Deep Roots” and “Fated to Love You,” he has been active in the Chinese market recently, releasing a Chinese film in January titled “Inside or Outside.”

The Chinese drama in which he has been slated to appear is titled “Mei Feng Mei.” The drama will tell the story of a group of immigrants in a strange, heaven-like city, and their individual ambitions and aspirations within that setting.

Jang Hyuk will play the role of a soldier who has risen in the world to become the president of a major corporation. His character is in the midst of an urban planning project seeking to develop the sacred city, and comes into conflict and finds love with the people he meets during the project.

“I’m glad I can meet my Chinese fans again with this drama,” Jang Hyuk said. “As an actor, I’m excited to challenge new things with this character who seeks to build a city. I’m very lucky to be able to work on good projects like ‘Mei Fang Mei’ and ‘Inside or Outside’ in China. Please anticipate the drama.”

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