Watch: Oh My Girl’s Yooa Receives Spotlight for Her Dance Skills on “The Gifted”

2016-02-26 22:47:55 2016-02-26 22:50:21

Oh My Girl‘s Yooa showed her love for dance on the recent episode of “The Gifted.”

On the February 26 broadcast of the show, Yooa appeared as a guest and danced to various girl group songs to express her passion for dance.

Kim Gu Ra asks her to explain the reason behind her love for dance, saying, “It sounds a bit fake if you just say you like dancing and dance to girl group songs. Can you tell us your family background related to dancing?”

Yooa answers, “My father likes to dance. I’m not lying, he really does moonwalks at home,” to which Kim Gu Ra says, “Your father must be Michael Jackson.”

Later, Yoora gets up and dances to Wonder Girls‘ “Tell Me” and Orange Caramel‘s “Catallena.” After this broadcast, videos of Yoora dancing rose in search engines and she received much love for her talent.

Watch her dance here!

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