Eddy Kim’s “Paldangdam” Deemed Unfit for Broadcast

2016-02-27 01:03:32 2016-02-27 01:05:12

Artist Eddy Kim‘s latest single “Paldangdam” featuring Beenzino has been deemed unfit for broadcast.

MBC revealed on February 27 that the ban was issue due to the double entendre of the word “dam” in the song.

“The word ‘dam’ comes up often in Eddy Kim’s song ‘Paldangdam.’ In the actual lyrical context, [‘dam’] is used as the curse word ‘damn,’ and that’s why we deemed the song unfit for broadcast,” they said.

Although Eddy Kim does not have plans to appear on music shows, his team is reportedly in serious deliberations over whether [to change the song] in order to ensure smooth promotions.

Released on February 26, “Paldangdam” is a song written, composed, and produced by Eddy Kim. It is the first of many collaborations that Eddy Kim has planned for his production project.

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