Hyeri Reveals What Went On Behind-the-Scenes During Kiss With Park Bo Gum

2016-02-27 13:26:37 2016-02-27 13:26:37

Although the kiss scene between Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Park Bo Gum on “Reply 1988” captivated fans’ hearts worldwide, Hyeri recently revealed that the truth was not so romantic.

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Hyeri appeared on the February 27 broadcast of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” and talked about what went on behind-the-scenes of that epic kiss. “I was really nervous,” she said. “I felt shy, especially because we’re good friends.”

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Although the two of them seemed like expert kissers onscreen, Hyeri revealed, “There were a lot of retakes. It was our first kiss [between our characters] so we had no idea what to do. Park Bo Gum led the first kiss because it was supposed to be a warm and romantic first kiss, but we ended up bumping noses instead.”

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If only life were more like dramas! What did you think about the scene?

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