Ryu Jun Yeol Speaks About Growing Popularity and Doing “We Got Married” With Hyeri

2016-02-27 20:47:00 2016-02-27 20:49:18

The hottest man in the entertainment industry, Ryu Jun Yeol, recently sat down with Segye Ilbo for an interview. Despite being very tired due to his busy schedule, Ryu Jun Yeol shows off his humorous and great personality throughout the interview.

“Everything feels like a dream and I am very grateful,” he says. “As people are giving me more of their interest and love, I feel that I have a growing responsibility as an actor. Due to this, I am becoming more careful with my actions and words.”

He continues, “‘Reply 1988’ is a very meaningful project for me. It has gifted me with so much love. I have been able to meet so many great fans through the drama and have been receiving more opportunities to show my thanks to them.”

When asked about how he felt about losing Duk Sun as a wife in “Reply 1988,” Ryu Jun Yeol replies, “I was not sad to lose in the ‘competition’ to be the husband. I was actually more regretful about not being able to completely portray the growth of my character, Jung Hwan. On set, the other actors and I actually never really talked about who was going to be the husband. We focused more on the family aspect. The director said that ‘Reply 1988’ is a drama about family. That was the big story. The love line was just a smaller story within that.”

Ryu Jun Yeol was then asked if he wanted to participate in “We Got Married” with Hyeri in order to fulfill any regrets he had about not having a complete love line with her. Ryu Jun Yeol replies, “Hyeri has such a bright personality. Everyone loves her and she is such a great friend. She is close with everyone who participated in the drama and I am very close with her as well. Why would she do ‘We Got Married’ with me? What about [Park] Bo Gum? I recommend him to do the show with her. I think many people are curious what their married life would be like, anyway. ”

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