Watch: “Produce 101” Trainees Nail Vocal Performance

2016-02-27 03:02:10 2016-02-27 03:02:10

The trainees of “Produce 101” are bringing joy to viewers’ ears with their awesome vocals.

The 6th episode of Mnet’s “Produce 101” aired on February 26 and reached an average rating of 3.4 percent, proving its high popularity. Kang Si Ra, Kim Yeon Kyung, Park Sae Hee, Sung Hye Min, and Hwang Inseon’s performance of “My Best” especially reached the highest rating of 3.7 percent, ranking the show first place in its timeslot for the third week in a row.

The show is receiving a great amount of attention from its target audience of viewers age 15 to 34, with a 2.0 percent rating among them. After the show, “Produce 101” and the names of the trainees such as Kim Joo Na, Yoo Yeon Jung, Ahn Yae Seul, Han Hye Ri, and Kang Si Ra were the most popular search terms on several portal sites.

In the latest episode, the trainees take their third position evaluation. A position evaluation is when the trainees determine what their specialty in the group is. They choose between vocal, dance, or rap, and are tested on it.

First to be revealed is the stage of those who chose vocals as their position. The trainees sing their hearts out and wow the crowd. Kim Joo Na and Yoo Yeon Jung’s performance of Tashannie’s “Day by Day” was especially a crowd favorite. Though they receive criticism from trainers beforehand that they “don’t act like a team,” they show off major chemistry during the performance.

Kang Si Ra, who sings “My Best,” is exceptionally good as she perfectly reaches the high note climax. Kim Se Jung, who performs Zion. T’s “Yanghwa BRDG,” touches the hearts of viewers with her stable yet emotional voice. In the end, she wins first place in the vocal position evaluation, as well as an extra 100,000 votes as an award.

The rap and dance evaluation of the trainees will be revealed next week. “Produce 101” airs every Friday at 11 p.m KST.

Watch Kim Se Jung’s first place performance in the video below!

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