New Female Recruits for “Real Men” Set a New Low Record for Pushups

2016-02-28 03:05:48 2016-02-28 05:31:52

The new recruits for the “Real Men” female soldier special have already hit their first major bump in the road: pushups.

The eight recruits  — TWICEDahyunFIESTARCao LuAfter SchoolNana, actress Gong Hyun Joo, Lee Chae Young, Kim Sung Eun, comedian Kim Young Hee, and SecretHyosung  officially started their physical exams with pushups on the February 28 broadcast of “Real Men.” However, seven out of the eight recruits were not able to successfully complete a single pushup. Setting the record for the group with one pushup was Kim Young Hee.

With a pushup record of one for a group of eight, this is a new low record for the “Real Men” female soldier special.

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