T-ara’s Jiyeon Opens Up About Her Past Disappointments for GanGee Magazine

2016-02-28 20:35:20 2016-02-28 20:35:20

Girl group T-ara’s Jiyeon opens up about some disappointments from her past seven years in her career.

Jiyeon poses for the March issue of GanGee magazine as she sits down for an interview. She reminisces about the last seven years since her debut and comments, “The most memorable moment since my debut was when we ranked first place in the music charts with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep.’” She adds, “I still remember it so vividly. It was January 1, 2010.”


When asked “What do you feel most disappointed about personally?,” Jiyeon replies, “As a team member, everyone has their own position and image you’re supposed to exude. I always thought I can just do what I’m supposed to do only. I think I was trapped inside ‘T-ara’s Jiyeon.’”

Jiyeon continues, “One moment, I suddenly realized I shouldn’t be doing that. I’m still young. So, I have so much I want to do and show. I just started working in China also. I will work hard to show different sides of me.”


Jiyeon adds, “I’ve been very busy since my debut. It’s true that I couldn’t find much work during some of my struggles. But I had a chance to reflect on myself and my past while experiencing a lot of different things.”

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