Boy Group KNK Debuts, Being Named as One of the Tallest Idol Groups

2016-02-29 04:42:40 2016-02-29 04:56:31

Boy group KNK has made its debut and the members had a chance to introduce themselves during their debut showcase held on February 29.

After performing one of their songs in the album, the members revealed that they are all taller than 180cm.

Park Seung Joon introduced himself saying, “I am the tallest in KNK. My height is 189 cm.” He joked, “My grandma used to juice earthworms for me to drink when I was young and that’s why I’m so tall.”

Oh Hee Joon spoke up, saying, “I am the shortest in our team at 180 cm tall.”

Other members in the group include Kim Yoo Jin, Jung In Sung, and Kim Ji Hoon. All the members have been trainees for five years before debuting. They are receiving the spotlight for their tall height; the average height of the group is 185 cm (6.1 ft).

KNK’s debut album will be released on and offline on March 3.

Watch the teaser for their title song “Knock” below:

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