Korean Celebrities Commemorate Independence Movement Day

2016-02-29 22:03:30 2016-02-29 22:03:30

It’s March 1 today in Korea, a day to commemorate Samiljeol or the Independence Movement Day. On this day in 1919, nationalists proclaimed Korea’s independence from Japanese rule and a series of demonstrations were held all over Korea rallying for independence from Japanese occupation. The movement continued and by it end, about a year later, approximately two million Koreans had participated in more than 1,500 demonstrations. Many were wounded, arrested, and killed, and the commemoration of this day is not only filled with pride, but also thoughtful reflection for those who died for their country.

Many celebrities have been posting to their social media accounts messages to honor this day, including an image of the Korean flag or other significant symbols in their post. Many of the posts remind people not to forget the sacrifices made, and also thanks those who fought for freedom.