Kwak Si Yang Talks About How Much “We Got Married” Means to Him

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Actor Kwak Si Yang did a interview and talked about his attachment towards “We Got Married.”

Ever since appearing on “We Got Married,” Kwak Si Yang’s popularity has risen quite a lot. The actor admitted it, saying, “When I first decided to do ‘We Got Married,’ I thought about a lot of things. The public only based my personality on the types of characters I played in dramas. I didn’t have the chance to show them who I really was. I thought that ‘We Got Married’ would do that for me. I knew I couldn’t lie to the public on TV so I tried to be completely honest and down-to-earth on TV as I really am.”

He revealed how he feels every time he shoots an episode of the show, explaining, “Since it is a program that deals with your emotions, some feelings linger even after filming is over. I feel excited and nervous. Even though I have other things to do, I automatically start feeling like that when the ‘We Got Married’ filming day approaches.”

Kwak Si Yang went on to compliment his “We Got Married” wife Kim So Yeon, saying, “I knew she was a kind and generous person but I didn’t know she was that kind and generous. I think I’m starting to become more like her. I continue to reflect on myself and think about my roots. Those emotions show through on camera.”

When asked if he calls her outside of filming, he replied, “We do call each other from time to time. She told me she monitored my drama. We’ve become quite close. Some people ask if we are dating in real life, but no one can tell what might happen in the future. Haha. A relationship can’t happen if it’s one-sided.”

Kwak Si Yang plans many surprise events for Kim So Yeon on “We Got Married.” However, the actor explained his real dating style isn’t like that, saying, “I don’t plan many events in real life. Haha. I’m showing what I’ve wanted to do, or maybe some things I want to do when I get married, in ‘We Got Married.’ I just have a lot of ideas and things I want to do for Kim So Yeon, and I think that’s why I was portrayed like that.”

He also mentioned that he isn’t used to seeing himself being romantic on “We Got Married” yet, explaining, “It makes me cringe. I’m embarrassed about it sometimes. Even my friends who live in the same dorm can’t get used to who they see on TV. But the real me is really melted into the one you see on TV. Even though this is a TV show, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do on TV if I didn’t have any feelings for the other person. I want to be more caring towards her since she is a really good person.”

Lastly, he expressed how he might feel once he has to leave the show, saying, “I think I’m going to feel empty if I leave ‘We Got Married.’ Just thinking about it makes me feel empty. Since the show deals with emotions, it would make me feel numb once I leave.”

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