MAMAMOO Shocks BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon With Their Non-Stop Energy and Fun on “Weekly Idol”

2016-02-29 07:17:34 2016-02-29 07:17:34

MAMAMOO will be guesting on this week’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” and their bright and energetic personalities shock host Yoon Doo Joon of BEAST!

In the episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” that is set to air on March 2, Yoon Doo Joon takes the special MC chair again for the second week in the place of Jung Hyung Don, who is currently taking a leave for his health. During the recording, it’s reported that Yoon Doo Joon says, “I once again feel the empty space left behind by Jung Hyung Don. I hope that he makes a full recovery soon.”

MAMAMOO join the hosts this episode to promote their comeback with their new album and the fun track “You’re the Best.” The four-member group is known for their vocal talents, and therefore naturally impresses everyone with their singing, but it’s reported that they also thrill everyone on set with their hilarious dancing and freestyle rapping.

It’s said that Yoon Doo Joon is totally floored with admiration for the energetic and excited group, and keeps saying, “I think I’m going through culture shock.”

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Check out MAMAMOO on March 2’s episode of “Weekly Idol”!

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