Park Hae Jin Expresses His Regrets Regarding “Cheese in the Trap”

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Actor Park Hae Jin sat down for an interview that was released on February 27 and in the interview he talked about some regrets he has over the drama “Cheese in the Trap” and his character Yoo Jung.

When asked if he satisfied of how he did in the drama, Park Hae Jin replied, “Yoo Jung in the webtoon is a very mysterious character. I wanted to express him well, but I’m a bit sad to leave him as mysterious as he is in the webtoon. I also wish he was portrayed as a nicer character.”

The actor also addressed the declining viewership rating, saying that the drama couldn’t live up to the original webtoon. He said, “The two-dimensional characters felt dead as it became three-dimensional. The other characters are also very meaningful in the webtoon, but they just became minor characters when it turned into a drama. That’s what I’m disappointed about.”

As a fan of the original webtoon, Park Hae Jin was disappointed that some of the scenes he shot were not broadcasted, therefore leaving a plot hole in the drama. “There were scenes that I filmed with Gong Joo Young (Kim Ki Bang). The story behind it is that Yoo Jung and Gong Joo Young were childhood friends and Gong Joo Young couldn’t help holding a grudge against Yoo Jung because of it. We filmed it, but it did not air,” Park Hae Jin said, adding, “If it did, it would’ve helped understand Yoo Jung’s character better. There were other scenes that we filmed and was necessary in the plot line but did not air.”

Fans have complained that the drama is too focused on Baek In Ho. To this, Park Hae Jin apologized, saying, “I’m sorry that I can’t say this isn’t focused on Baek In Ho. It’s sad to hear these complaints when I was a part of the project and I love and treasure my character. I’m sorry towards the original author. It was an honor to have played Yoo Jung. I wanted to show what I could do, but there were some disappointing things in the audience’s point of view. I think the original author would say the same. I want to apologize as an actor who played the Yoo Jung character.”

He expressed more regrets on the drama’s plot line regarding Hong Seol, explaining, “I was a bit sad that Yoo Jung and Hong Seol did not have much chemistry. The actors only act based on what is written on the script. I think I did my best to express my character even though I had some regrets about the script. Seeing that through the monitor, I felt more disappointed than anything else.”

Nevertheless, he wished success on the rest of the drama, saying, “I could’ve been a more expressive character but I couldn’t show everything I had. But I’m glad to have received a positive feedback. I hope it wraps up well.”

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