Baby Daebak Shows Off Some Aegyo With a Beautiful New Look in Instagram Photos

2016-03-01 10:49:48 2016-03-01 10:49:48

Daebak always looks cute no matter what he’s wearing, but he’s particularly adorable in some new photos on Instagram!

On March 1, Daebak’s mother Lee Soo Jin uploaded a collage of photos of Daebak to her Instagram. In the pictures, Daebak is wearing a flower behind each ear as he sits on someone’s lap. He smiles brightly for the camera and clearly doesn’t mind all the attention that his gorgeous new look is bringing him! Lee Soo Jin writes in the hashtags, “Daebak Over Flowers,” and “Okay, let’s smile.”

Daebak is currently starring on the popular reality show “The Return of Superman,” on which his father Lee Dong Gook gives his wife a break and takes care of Daebak and his four older sisters on his own for 48 hours.

Check out Daebak and his family in the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!