Lee Sung Kyung Shows Off Her Sophistication and Charisma for Marie Claire

2016-03-01 14:28:16 2016-03-01 14:28:16

In a recent photoshoot with Marie ClaireLee Sung Kyung exhibits a high level of professionalism with her soft gaze and relaxed poses, exemplifying her past experience as a model.

Not only that, she manages to perfectly pull off looks that are harder for the normal person to wear, such as a vibrant red shirt, or a slightly see-through embroidered shirt, showing off a high degree of execution.

lee sung kyung

lee sung kyung 3

During the interview, Lee Sung Kyung says, “My next role will be in “Broker,” is the work of director Kim Hong Sun, who also directed “The Traffickers,” and “The Con Artists.” I’ll be playing a short-tempered lawyer who works for the government, and fights alone in order to dig up true facts of the case. I think it will be a well-made production with no extra frills. The scenario is fun, and the director is easy to talk to.”

She shows off a strong desire to perform well, raising the anticipation for her next work.

The rest of Lee Sung Kyung’s photoshoot and interview can be found in the March edition of Marie Claire.

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