Block B Drops Charges Against Netizens Who Left Malicious Comments

2016-03-02 16:34:09 2016-03-02 16:34:09

Earlier in February, idol group Block B had announced through their agency Seven Seasons that they had sought legal action against offensive comments posted about the group and their families online.

However, the group has now decided to drop the charges. On March 2, Seven Seasons stated through a press release, “Although we had caught the netizens who had constantly uploaded malicious comments about Block B online, we decided to deal leniently with the situation.”

Block B Seven Seasons statement

According to the agency, the netizens had said, “We misjudged the comments on Block B’s official social media accounts and wrote malicious comments instead. We realize that we had hurt the members and their families deeply and will reflect on ourselves and our behavior.”

Seven Seasons added, “We withdrew the complaint under the condition that the netizens do some community volunteering instead. We hope that these incidents will not occur again.”

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