FNC Entertainment to Produce Upcoming Web Drama

2016-03-02 14:24:47 2016-03-02 14:24:47

FNC Entertainment will produce “Click Your Heart,” a web drama.

“Click Your Heart” is a youth, romance drama that will be set in high school. Kim Bo Yeon is in charge of writing the script. She also wrote the script of KBS‘s drama specials, “Sorry I’m Late,” “Puberty Medley,” and “My Dad Is A Nude Model.” Min Doo Shik, who directed MBC‘s “Billie Jean, Look At Me,” KBS 2TV‘s Jungle Fish 2, JTBC‘s “Falling for Innocence;” and the web drama, “Missing Korea,” will be in charge of directing this production as well.

FNC Entertainment has established itself in many other different fields, such as in music and performance production, management, and even the academic field. Their work last year in producing KBS2’s “Thank You, My Son,” and “Who Are You: School 2015” is regarded as a success.

Not only that, but through its investment contract with Suning Universal Media, FNC Entertainment will not only establish itself as a production company in South Korea, but also in China.

“Click Your Heart” will be released simulatenously online and on television through Naver TVcast and MBC Every1 respectively.

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