Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Hospitalized for Meningitis

2016-03-05 19:36:47 2016-03-05 22:13:58

Update March 6:

Dream Tea Entertainment has revealed that Hyeri has been diagnosed with meningitis, which is the inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain, which can be caused by bacterial or viral infection.

The agency stated, “Hyeri has been admitted to the hospital; she will be staying for a couple of days for treatment.”

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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri is currently in the hospital receiving a full medical examination due to a high fever and headache.

According to her agency, Dream Tea Entertainment, the day before, March 5, Hyeri had attended the “Reply 1988” concert after which she returned home to rest.

A source from her agency said, “Hyeri is currently receiving a full examination for her fever and headache. We had to cancel all of her scheduled activities for today, and depending on the results of her exam, we may have to reschedule future activities, as well.”

Closing, the rep stated, “We apologize for causing concern, and we will do our best to aid in Hyeri’s fast recovery.”

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