Song Joong Ki Says His Abs in “Descendants of the Sun” Are Thanks to Kim Jong Kook

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According to Song Joong Ki, were it not for Kim Jong Kook, viewers might not have been able to see Song Joong Ki in such amazing shape in “Descendants of the Sun”!

Song Joong Ki attended Turbo’s concert on March 5, where he was revealed as a surprise guest toward the end of the concert, much to the delight of concert-goers. Kim Jong Kook expressed his gratitude, saying, “Song Joong Ki came to the concert despite how busy he is. He’s really got a great sense of loyalty.”

Lee Kwang Soo also appeared as a guest at the concert, and both he and Song Joong Ki described their family-like relationship with Kim Jong Kook. Lee Kwang Soo said, “Jong Kook-hyung drinks exactly once a year. He drinks like a crazy person then, and when he does, he calls us out and listens to all of our worries.”

Song Joong Ki added, “I got a lot of help from Jong Kook-hyung when I was preparing for my drama. When I got the role in ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ he taught me all the exercises [I needed to know]. I’m very thankful to him.” Unfortunately, he refused to lift his shirt, because he said he doesn’t have the same figure anymore.

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