Watch: Tae Oh Tearfully Apologizes to His Sister for Insulting Her Food

2016-03-05 18:29:47 2016-03-05 18:29:47

During the March 5 episode of SBS‘s “Oh My Baby,” with Ricky Kim‘s guidance, Tae Oh and Tae Rin attempt to make baby food for their younger sister, Tae Rah.

Competing with each other to see who can make the best baby food, Tae Rin and Tae Oh then try their creations. Tae Oh spits his sister’s food out immediately, making Tae Rin cry. Taken aback at his sister’s tears, Tae Oh begins to tear up as well.

oh my baby tae oh oh my baby ricky kim

Ricky Kim then makes Tae Oh apologize to his sister for spitting out her food. Tae Oh cries and hugs his sister while saying, “Noona (older sister), I’m really sorry.” However, he then truthfully says that her food was bad, making Ricky Kim flabbergasted once again.

“Oh My Baby” is a real variety show that features couples Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo, Im Hyo Sung and SES‘s Shoo, Baek Do Bin and Jung Shi Ah; and Shin Sae Ho and Sa Kang raising their children.

Watch Tae Oh’s hilarious and tearful apology below!

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