Yook Sungjae Prepares Romantic Surprise Event for Joy on “We Got Married”

2016-03-05 05:15:15 2016-03-05 05:15:15

On the March 5 episode of “We Got Married,” Yook Sungjae tries to prove to Joy that he’s capable of being romantic.

He prepares a surprise event for Joy, getting her cozy in a private room so she can watch a video message he prepared for her. Meanwhile, he gets set up at a piano behind a curtain while she’s distracted.

Joy is flustered when the Yook Sungjae in the video begins to cry, confessing that he wants to impress her. When the video message ends, the curtains open to reveal Yook Sungjae, ready to perform for her.

sungjae joy we got married

Alas, it isn’t meant to be, as he is totally unprepared for the performance and can’t keep a straight face. In her interview later, Joy confesses that she thought he was breaking up with her.

Watch the hilarious and adorable exchange below!

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