Frog Prince Daebak Tries to Get a Kiss From His Princess On “The Return of Superman”

2016-03-06 18:04:19 2016-03-06 18:04:19

During the March 6 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “The Return of Superman,” Lee Dong Gook along with his children Seol Ah, Soo Ah and Daebak, go to a Korean sauna, where they find an inner pool in the sauna during their visit.

Daebak enjoys himself at the pool in a safety tube, and even plays on the slide. Then, a girl around Daebak’s age appears at the pool.


When he sees his “girlfriend,” he walks over to her, wanting a kiss. The girl quickly turns her head, avoiding the unfamiliar Daebak, who becomes taken aback at the rejection.

daebak 2

Lee Dong Gook laughs while saying, “Daebak, you feel bad too right? You always do the same thing to Dad.” Daebak, who’s still reeling from the shock of being rejected, quickly leaves his spot, and ignores his sisters’ attempts to comfort him.

Watch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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