Lee Guk Joo Posts Apology to Netizens for Her Behavior

2016-03-06 21:48:54 2016-03-06 21:50:07

Comedienne Lee Guk Joo took to SNS to apologize to netizens for her perceived careless behavior.

On March 6, Lee Guk Joo wrote on her personal Instagram, “I am sorry to everyone whom I offended. I will make sure to be extra cautious of going overboard because I’m only focusing on being funny. I will be all the more thoughtful and all the more careful and work all the more diligently.”

Lee Guk Joo

Her apology, however, does not mention in particular what exactly gave rise to her apology. Many think it is a response to recent netizen discontent with the way she treats male guests on variety shows, namely through forthright skinship and remarks.

What do you make of Lee Guk Joo’s apology?

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