Mnet Announces Plans for Male Version of “Produce 101” in Season 2

2016-03-08 08:32:28 2016-03-08 08:32:28

Mnet has revealed that it plans to recruit male contestants for the second season of its epic K-Pop group survival show “Produce 101.”

On the afternoon of March 8, a representative of Mnet announced, “A second season of ‘Produce 101’ is one of the planned projects of director Han Dong Chul. We’re currently broadcasting the girl group survival show ‘Produce 101,’ but once it has wrapped up, the production team will work on preparing the format and concept for season two in detail.”

The representative states that season two will be a male version of the show, but adds that they are still considering whether or not the second season will aim to form a boy group.

The first season of “Produce 101” follows 101 female trainees from 46 agencies as they vie for 11 spots in a girl group, with the group’s members, concept, and more chosen by viewers. It is expected to air its final episode on April 1.

According to the source at Mnet, the second season is currently slated to premiere either this December or January of 2017.

Would you want to watch a male version of “Produce 101”?

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