“Produce 101” Announces Changes to Voting System Starting in Next Round

2016-03-08 10:19:31 2016-03-08 17:15:10

Mnet has revealed a significant change it will be making to the voting system for its girl group survival show “Produce 101.”

The show began with 101 trainees vying for spots in an 11-member girl group, and after the results of the second round are revealed, it will be down to 25 contestants. “Produce 101” previously announced that it would be changing its voting system for the third round. They withheld all details at the time except for announcing that they will now be using “CAPTCHA” screening technology to weed out votes by “ghost” social media accounts.

A source from “Produce 101” has now revealed to Xports News, “Starting in the third round, the number of contestants viewers can vote for will decrease from eleven to five.” Although the number of votes per person is decreasing to five, the planned girl group is still expected to be composed of 11 members.

This new voting system will begin in the third round in March 11’s episode.

Are you excited for the next round on “Produce 101”?

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